About The Artist

I have been making art my whole life.  But I really started taking it  seriously at age 18 when, of all people, my optometrist, at an annual check up, asked me what I was studying.  He told me, quite convincingly that it was a “noble endeavor”.  That’s when I realized it could be more than a hobby…. That it could inform and mold one’s whole life.  I studied painting at UC Berkeley and then when my youngest child entered Kindergarten I joined the MFA program at San Jose State University. I have experience teaching at SJSU as a teaching assistant in Drawing, Printmaking, Color Theory, and Painting.  I have taught kids through the Berkeley Parks and Recreation Department, the art docent program in the Saratoga Elementary School District, and  volunteering in the Campbell Union Elementary School District. I currently teach private lessons to both children and adults in my home studio in Campbell.  The space is fully equipped to make all kinds of art in all kinds of media.

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