About Wickamo

6wickamo.com is the domain of the Bierach Family, featuring the art work of Carol Bierach, Prose and Poetry of Katie Bierach, Digital Imagery and Writing of Hannah Bierach, Miscellaneous Musings of Jeff Bierach, and a sampling of the prolific artistic output by Violet Bierach.  Plus maybe a few family photos thrown in here and there…

Wickamo derives from the word “hiccomo”, short for  “hiccomopatimac”,  which was two-year old Rachel’s name for the hippo at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose in the late 80’s.  It was meant to describe something very cool and eventually derived into wickamo… wickamo.com is the expression of Life and Art from the family of Jackson/Bierach’s…

This site is dedicated to Rachel Bierach.

Photo by Curt Kanemoto

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